Taizhou HuangYan Mega machinery Mold Co., Ltd. 

Taizhou HuangYan Mega machinery Mold Co., Ltd.

Mega machinery is a professional PET products supplier in the PET bottle blow molding industry and in the plastic industry. We keep ahead in our field by up-to-date products' layout design, innovative and high-tech molding machine, moulding machine products, prompt delivery and the most reliable after-sale service. We design and manufacture PET molding system, which including PET stretch blow molding machine, injection molding machine, preform mold, cap & closure mold, PET semi-automatic stretch blow molding machine. Our core business focuses on the PET preform molding, PET bottle molding and plastic molding.

After decades' exertion and development, Mega has established a team of experienced designer and workers, a group of educated executive personnel. All of those factors permit our customer sound price and the most reliable service.

Mega Machinery's products go to market through more than 40 countries worldwide. We always try to provide the most reliable PET technical solution for every costumer from every corner of the world. After purchasing our products, our after-sale service relative to components, technical support, onsite service and operator training follows immediately if needed, no matter where you are.

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Taizhou HuangYan Mega Machinery Mould CO.,LTD.
ADD: 47-8 HuangZhou Road,Huangyan,Zhejiang,China
English hot line: 0086-576-4020102 & 4020199
Arabian hot line: 0086-576-4020199
Chinese hot line: 0086-576-4020103 & 4020122
Cell Phone: 0086-13957612388
FAX: 0086-576-4020107
Web Site: www.mega-machinery.com
E-Mail: [link=mailto:MegaMachinery@gmail.com]MegaMachinery@gmail.com[/link]

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